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Mobilizing and Monitoring Management (M3) is an easy-to-use field workforce tracking and management application.

Keeping up with the evolving Software as a Service (SaaS) paradigm, M3 is a combination of technology and strategy aimed at eliminating the troubles faced by field staffs as well as their management.

M3 comes as web and mobile application which operates independently but in a synchronized manner.

M3 is optimized in a way that this application can be deployed for any kind of initiatives that involves field work.


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The admin module for management, monitors and manages the activities of Executives/Team Leads and field staffs while providing or hiding access to them through its web application.
It takes overall control of the database, web and mobile application.

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Executives are Leads or Managers who work towards achieving the target by managing the field staffs and monitoring their performance. This module can provide or hide access to field staffs, monitor, track and manage their activities through web application from anywhere around the world.

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Field staffs

Field staffs are part of the workforce employed under the Executives. The module for the field staffs has access only to mobile application with which they can share information with their executives. This module also helps executives to track field staffs with ease.

As distinctive as it can be.

The features that make your follow-ups easy.

Locate accurately

Executives can now track the exact location of the field staffs on any given day with the help of an in-built GPS locator.

The dashboard tells you everything

Dashboard features complete status of the project like the prospects, targets achieved, news feed, and beneficiaries’ details.

Plan it efficiently with Monthly Plan

Executives can share the team's monthly plan to Management effectively.

Get it done in no time

Executives can assign tasks to the field staffs on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

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